# Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“Here’s what we did:

Disassembled and properly burnished the buss bars.
Carefully burnished all J-wires for a solid electrical contact with buss bars.
Coated buss bar and J-wires with conditioner to preserve for many years to come.
Leveled keyboard and cleaned all keys properly.
Replaced all key bushings with new, lubricated ones.
Cleaned the inside of the chassis of any debris and dust.
Cleaned and lubricated all pots and switches. All work perfectly, no noise.
Replaced lithium battery that backs up internal memory.
Replaced a faulty transistor on CPU board.
Carefully lubricated and treated all connectors.
Reseated all chips securely.
Recapped power supply.
Upgraded power supply to latest SCI spec.
Calibrated all functions that needed to be brought back to factory spec.
Carefully calibrated Poly Mod section, so all oscillators sweep the same.
Upgraded firmware with the Tauntek Mod – adding significant new features.
All knobs were removed and cleaned.
Cleaned the case, front panel and polished the wood to perfection.
Front badges were replaced with NOS authentic badges from Wine Country (EXPENSIVE). Still have plastic on them.
This also has the quietest transformer of any Prophet. NO BUZZ!”
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