Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3

“Prophet 5 V 3.3 synthesizer with original midi, original flight case, original bound manual, original bound service manual, in exceptionally good condition as per photos. The keyboard has been completely rebushed and all relevant capacitors replaced by Ben at Cyberwave EMS who is an expert in Prophets (he owns a Rev 2). Have you ever seen a P5 keyboard as even as that?! 🙂 It plays perfectly and as new. As you can see the condition is superb – the wood is beautiful and has one mark on the left hand edge as pointed out in the photos, which goes completely unnoticed in my studio. I’m a bit of a perfectionist with classic analogues (you can see a few, but the others, including my Jupiter 8 are also in top notch fettle) and I absolutely don’t notice the chip, which I considered having looked at by a French polisher, but haven’t as it just isn’t obvious in the studio. Ben knows this synth well as he has brought it up to top condition and serviced it for many more years of good service. I have had it dump its memory, but Ben has gone through it thoroughly and found nothing to be an issue and I had tape back ups. Speaking of the latter, I have all the original banks, but one of my own also in there at the moment which I can remove if you wish (but they’re good sounds!). Ben informs me that the Sequential factory midi can sometimes cause this if the buffer gets overloaded and his suggestion was that you could avoid using it, but I have anyway and it’s fine. Even better with CV. :). If you’re wondering why its so well priced for such a collector package, it’s because it’s priced to sell. I buy a lot of synths and know that the prices some people are waiting for is unrealistic . However, I’m not open to stupid offers and I’m not even convinced that I really want to let this one go, but I have the Pro One and my poly duties are waaaay covered by my other synths. Can you have too much Sequential? Probably not, but I’m not a collector and I use the Pro One more right now.” Click here to search for synths on eBay