# Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2

Prophet 5, Sequential Circuits @ 12 January 2017

p5rev “Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 fully serviced in good cosmetic and very good mechanical condition.

I personally drove the Prophet 5 to “Klosman” Prophet 5 service specialist in Oakland, Ca. and had him completely service/restore the whole synth for me sparing no expense.

The P5 also recently underwent a light finish restoration to maintain the wood, but not lose any of the original vintage character of the cabinet. Cabinet is very smooth.

This p5 stays in tune all the way up the keyboard and all functions work 100% and sounds just as it should!

It was just played by a tech and given a very clean bill of health before putting up for sale.

Here is a complete list of work done to the synth:

Power supply: replaced cord, bypass caps; rewired for 2716 ROMs

Front panel: replaced pot, 3 dead LEDs, bypass caps; cleaned pots & switches.

CPU board: replaced battery, bypass caps, U337 DAC reference, ROMs.

Voice board: replaced caps, LM311 tune comparator, LM348 quad opamp, one SSM2020 VCA, two SSM2040 VCF chips.

Replaced rear panel 1/4 jacks. Replaced fuse holder. Replace Rear P5 Sticker with nos original.

This synth is a very nice example of a fully functioning REV 2 Prophet 5″ Click here to visit listing on eBay

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