Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

” This Prophet 5 has been in my possession since the day it was purchased in 1979-1980 it is in perfect working condition it has been refurbished from top to bottom once in 2008 and just recently reviewed by Wine Country Sequential in 2017. All original no MIDI. 40 patches. Due to the age of this item. I suggest you come and play and inspect the item before bidding. This has been packaged by Wine Country Sequential and I have not removed it from it’s packaging. It has been professinally packaged for shippment. There are no refunds. This keyboard works great. It is in tune. It is cosmetically the best one you will find. I have taken great care of this keyboard for almost 40 years. IT has been refurbished by Wes Taggert one of the legends. And most recently revied and some minor repairs made by Wine Country Sequetial. This is the one. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay