Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

” I have owned and loved this machine since 2015 when I purchased it in a specialist auction. I had Kenton add their midi retrofit to it which works perfectly. I have also had it serviced professionally in 2018.

If you are reading this then I assume you know how good these synths are. The rev 4 is good, but this is the original and there’s no beating that.

The synth is really beautiful looking with no blemishes or marks on the wood. It looks almost brand new. There is a small nick just above the logo, please see pictures. Importantly, there are no scratchy pots and the keyboard plays beautifully. It sounds stunning. Note that, although the digital display looks difficult to read in the photos, I think it just clocks slowly. It looks fine to human eyes!

Like all the earlier models, it does suffer from tuning issues and can take some time to settle down and tune well. It will take some time to warm up and may need to be auto-tuned several times. After it auto-tunes sometimes you still need to manually adjust the tuning pot for it to be spot on. I have also recently noticed that adjusting the cutoff can cause the tuning to go out if you have a lot of resonance dialled in. I spoke to my tech about this recently, and he suggested that it might need the pitch wheel replacing, so please bear in mind that it may need another service. It has also not had much use in the last 3 years hence the sale.”
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