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Sequential Circuits Prophet 5

“Rev 3.3 museum piece , collectors grade condition. Looks new , hard to find a scratch upon it. In July 2019 the synth had a major service and midi refit with the synth professor ( costing £1000 ) the buyer will receive the paperwork. Since then the prophet has had very little home use , and so she sounds and plays as new as well as looking as new.

Included in the sale is a comprehensive survival kit of spare parts , several 1982 nos unused cem 3340 , cem 3320 and cem 3310 , lots of other important chips including a dac , full set of new bushings , set of new j wires , full set of replacement nameplates , 2 original cassettes with the factory programmes , 2 memory cards containing audio files of the 3 banks of factory programmes and additional commercially bought programmes , pitch bend pots , front panel pots , switches , panel knobs etc etc. I worked out what the kit cost me and it came to £1035 !

Also included in the sale is a new Prophet 5 dust cover , a custom made padded bag and an original manual.” Click here to visit listing on eBay