Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000

” Sequential Circuits Prophet 2000 Keyboard Sampler

Reluctantly selling my Prophet 2K, the classic 80’s sampler that along with the Ensoniq Mirage ushered in semi-affordable studio-grade sampling for a much broader range of musicians, and helped give birth to House Music, and Electronic music as we know it. Serviced a year ago (I’ll include the receipt, £160 spent with a top tech) and not used much since, I just don’t have the space to set it up these days, so it’s annoying my wife in the spare room. Almost worth keeping for that reason only but best to try to score some brownie points before Christmas.

It’s fitted with the excellent 2x Memory Expansion by Synthechnics (cam reform Portugal, another £100 or so), which is a modern reliable clone of the original SCi one. Membrane buttons, wheels, dials and all keys work great, with display bright and clear. In fact the tech thought that the tact switches under the membrane may all have been replaced at some point pre-me, which is a handy bit of future proofing I didn’t realise (although they always felt surprisingly good). Quite a few age-related marks and scratches here and there on the bodywork, and that’s just a bit of old tape residue on the back corner that may well come off with a bit of perseverance, but no scary damage, just a nice honest example. It comes with the UK power lead, plus the original Operation Manual, which is a rare thing, a chunky ring-binder file. Latest/last OS version chip installed too.

These are coming up for sale less and less often, partly due I’m sure to videos by Espen Kraft and others showing what these are capable of, and what they can add in a modern studio setting. So a serviced one with memory expansion and the original manual file is a rarity. I can’t see another P2K available either on reverb or on here right now in the UK, or anywhere in the world for that matter.” Click here to visit listing on eBay