Sequential Circuits Pro One

“Legendary analogue synthesizer from 1981. Without a shadow of doubt the most powerful mono synth ever produced. This thing is completely devastating for basslines, but also excels at leads, drones, percussive sounds and all kinds of other complete madness. A truly wild and amazing instrument. The real deal – none of this modern clone/reproduction business. The synth was serviced a couple pf years ago and is working spot on. There is one control knob (Osc A volume) missing as can be seen in the photos, but the actual potentiometer still functions perfectly and can be used like normal. There were none available at the time the unit was serviced, but they are readily available from a few sources at the moment and cost just under £10. The unit is in really nice overall condition cosmetically. There’s a hairline mark on the casing just to the left of the pitch/mod wheel as can be seen in the photos but this is superficial and has no affect on functionality. Wooden end cheeks in really nice condition. All in all for a 40 year old unit this is a really fine example.” Click here to visit listing on eBay