Sequential Circuits Pro One

” Vintage Sequential Circuits Pro-One analog synth. Recently serviced and fully cleaned by Takeshi at Main Drag Music in Brooklyn. Fully working J-Wire keyboard and several upgraded and restored pots, keyboard bushings and wiring. Unit is in AMAZING sonic, mechanical and cosmetic order and we are reluctant to part with it. We have a Prophet 5 so most of our vintage SCI sound is covered, but this unit takes CV and Clock I/O as well as External Audio, which is a big part of the way we work with synths. You can bring anything into this filter and control the filter CV externally!! Can route tons of modular gear through this and it BLOWS AWAY most of the modular. The keys on this unit are a joy to play and rock solid. The arpeggiator works along with, basically, a legato mode on the keys that plays at the same time, and can be set to either transpose or add notes. It is a great feature and there is tons of tweakability on this synth – which makes it very special and why prices are only going up right now. There is one piece of gaffer tape we put over part of the fuse box, as it is inherently a bit flimsy and having it prevents any issues from fuse popping out for any reason. ” Click here to search for synths on eBay