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Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

“Please be fully aware. . This unit is being sold with the following 4 description statements ONLY. . .

1/ This unit does NOT work, and is sold for parts, or for someone to repair or get the unit repaired.

2/ This is a complete unit (all original parts, case never been opened since I’ve had it). The physical condition as shown in the photos.
Please study the pictures. . .You can see there are some chips and marks along the front top edge, and odd sratches and marks about the thing in general, which one would expect from a Drum Machine from 1983/84. I’ve had the unit since 1990 and have never opened it, so all the parts are there. The unit worked for me and I used it from 1990 to 1993 in my home and it was taken out once to gig. I used it again for 6 months in 2001. Since then and up untill testing it on 02/04/2021 it was kept in a cardboard box under a bed in my home.

3/ ( the unit was tested 03/04/2021, with the following findings :- )
The unit powers up, meaning the LED display and some LEDs come on, when unit switched on.

4/ ( the unit was tested 03/04/2021, with the following findings :- )

There is no sound coming out of any of the outputs.

The rest of the swithes, contolls, inputs, outputs, including MIDI in and out, were not tested, (could not be tested as no sound comes out).
The unit was left on for a whole day with no changes to what worked and what did not work.”
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