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Sequential Circuits Drumtraks

“You are bidding on a Sequential Circuits Drumtraks Drum Machine

(serial # 5930)

Unit is in excellent cosmetic and 100% functional condition.

(see actual pics)

OS ROM DRUM v0.5 offers all v0.4 features plus tuning information sent & received via MIDI, and the ability to synchronize to tape & transmit MIDI clocks simultaneously. Best version when using Drumtraks as a drum machine for patterns. All function switches work with no stickiness, no double triggering on the drum pad switches. No scratchiness on rotarys or outputs. All leds light and no missing digits in display. All original hardware intact. Battery reading still a healthy 3.37v.

Drum machine is stocked with original factory sound eproms and reloaded back with original factory songs and patterns. Included also is a binded copy of original owner’s manual ” Click here to search for synths on eBay