# Roland VP330 Vocoder Plus

Roland, Vocoder, VP-330 @ 15 January 2017

vp330 “This listing is for an excellent condition Roland Vocoder VP-330.
This unit is the older and more sought after version featuring the old school roland rocker switches instead of the later 808/jupiter style buttons.
This unit also features the older compression style that is preferred over the later style.
This unit has been serviced, calibrated, tuned, and all stability components have been changed or upgraded, such as capacitors and certain IC’s.

The unit features a light amount of wear. There is a small amount of duct tape residue that is minor. There are some average small scuffs throughout but nothing to write home about. See photos
The unit is currently as pictured missing two slider caps. We are currently sourcing them and will include them with the unit, or shipped to you free of charge. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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