# Roland VP-330

Roland, Vocoder, VP-330 @ 18 July 2010

“Roland manufactured the VP-330 for only one year (between ’79 and ’80) and as a result these instruments are ridiculously rare, especially in fully working and beautiful cosmetic condition. Two different versions of this machine were made, the Mark I featuring organ-style rocker switches and a SAD512 IC-based chorus circuit, and a Mark II (this unit here) that had TR-808 / Jupiter-8 style buttons and MN300X IC-based chorus. I have played both versions side by side and can honestly say that whatever slight sonic difference I heard from the different chorus circuits was like comparing two Minimoogs or two TB-303s…in other words, nothing that couldn’t just be the result of 30 year old electronics drifting in calibration. The two VP versions sound identical enough that blindfolded you wouldn’t say one was better or worse” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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