# Roland VP-330 Vocoder Plus

Roland, Vocoder, VP-330 @ 05 February 2017

vp-3330 ” For sale is Roland VP330 Vocoder-Plus vintage synthesizer. This is a rare synth that sounds absolutely amazing. Super classic haunting string / pad tone, and when you combine the smooth warm vocoder sound with the human voice / string section it can get a huge epic sound, especially great for soundtrack / film work. Gives you that instant Vangelis / Tangerine Dream / Kitaro / Pink Floyd feeling. This particular unit is in nice shape but it does show some wear as expected for such an old synth. Be sure to check out the pictures to make sure you like it. Functionally it does need some minor touch-ups, particularly the sliders are slightly bent (but still functional), there is wear on the power cord at its base (also still functional as is) and some scratchy sliders/pots, particularly a couple sliders that cut audio in/out and crackle when moved, but are fine when sitting. These are all minor complaints. Otherwise all the features work as they should and you can still get awesome classic sound without needing any actual servicing. I’ve set the price lower accordingly, these typically sell for $3500 – $5000 when you can even find one for sale. It’s a Mk1 version (has rocker switches) which people who’ve used both say has a better sound (more lush) than the Mk2 due to the special ensemble chips used which the MK2 doesn’t have. Don’t miss out on this classic synth!” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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