Roland TR-909

usedtr9909 “Up for sale is my beloved 909. As you can tell, this is a very specialized version of this classic drum machine. This 909 contains modifications (thanks to Colin Fraser) to the kick as well as the high-hats, to give you far more flexibility that what is traditionally offered by a typical 909. The mods to the kick are the group of three rotary controls above low/mid Tom controls. As you can see, the same rotary knobs that were on the original were used on the mods. Mods to kick add three new controls:

– Pitch: controls the frequency of the bass drum oscillator

– Drive: allows waveform adjustment from normal to square, for hard clipped sounds

– Tune Depth: varies the amount of the initial pitch sweep (decay is set by TUNE control)

These mods literally give the 909 the ability to produce any kind of kick imaginable, from overdriven, to deep, pulsating kicks. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay