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Roland TR-707 Project Machine

“Up for sale is a used Roland TR-707. Has issues and is heavily used but has been a workhorse for years and years. Blue tape is to keep batteries in so the memory doesn’t erase itself.

Issues: Both the Headphones and R (Mono) L outputs have a static sound that is noticeable when drum sounds aren’t engaged, and engaged but static level drops down once drums are playing.

The individual outs for each sound work (except Ride, which works only on the Headphones and R/L outputs) with that static noise gone, and that is how i’ve used it for years.

I have programmed beats on it for years, but never used the midi or song parts of it, but would assume it works. Usually just recorded a beat and switched between patterns while jamming, and it saved just fine.

Missing Tempo knob

No power supply for this one — have always used a generic 9volt supply, which is easy to find.

Selling for cheap and AS IS / no returns due to these issues. “ Click here to search for synths on eBay