Roland TR-707 and Roland TR-727

“The complete kit! Up for bid is one Roland TR707 (ser# 535400) plus its percussion companion the TR727 (ser# 551087) which can be synced together via midi for a total of 22 different drum and percussion sounds. These have been in storage for so long I almost forgot I had them. I’ve cleaned and powered them up, checked all basic functions, buttons, knobs, faders, LCD screens, LED lights, output, all A OK with good 80’s drum sounds! The manuals for these are available online through Roland but I didn’t go into any extensive programming and testing of all the available features but with mechanical operations intact and all drum sounds there I can only assume that the ones and zero’s or on off states of digital information needed in the internal chips are technically intact if they work at all. These will have new batteries installed and a power supply for each, one original, one aftermarket with the proper polarity (negative tip) setting in place. Although both barrels on the universal supply adapter will go into the power receptacle, only the thinner of the two will power it up. ”
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