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Roland TB-303

“The TB-303 is a bassline synth released, manufactured between 1981 and 1984. Designed to simulate bass guitars, it has a single oscillator which produces either a ‘buzzy’ sawtooth wave, or a ‘hollow’ square wave. Only 10,000 units were ever manufactured by Roland, it was unpopular to its target audience and was discontinued just 3 years after release, with the remaining units sold off cheaply.

The TB-303 includes a mini one-octave ‘piano’ keyboard, each key complete with a red light. In the same way a drum machine plays patterns of drum sounds, the 303 does the same thing with basslines. Using the keyboard to enter the correct note and its length, the user can program a bassline one note at a time which will then play along in time with the drum beat.

Six rotary controls let you manipulate the tone of the TB-303 so you can tweak the sound to your personal taste.

This TB-303 comes with a Kenton Pro 2 MIDI to CV dual channel converter and connecting 3.5mm connectors which have been re-labelled.

This unit was from a commercial recording studio that closed down in the 90s and has been in storage since closing. It has now been recently serviced ready for sale and is in generally great condition with only some minor marks as to be expected from used studio equipment.

Included is the Roland TB-303, Kenton Pro 2 and connecting 3.5mm cables to connect the two. No original boxes, power cables or manuals supplied. Digital copies of the manuals can be found on the internet. The items will be securely packaged for transit and insured to the full amount (hence increased postage costs).” Click here to visit listing on eBay