Roland System 100M Modular Synthesizer

“Roland System 100m with 5 Modules and the 191-J Power Case and cv/gate/trigger integration. Includes the module connector cords, and US to Japan power adaptor.
+2 additional module connector cables.

I CAN’T FIND THE SCREWS TO TWO MODULES. Hopefully they will turn up. I Do have 2 extra module connector cables to include. One old original, and a newer looking one. pictured

unit functions perfectly, sliders and knobs sound and function smoothly. thoroughly tested.

auction includes:

+2 extra module connector cables

all required connector cables and screws (-4 screws, will update auction if I have them or compatible)

US-Japan power transformer

172 Phaser, delay/flange chorus/ utility LFO with dual outs (one inverted) and GATE delay/time utility. amazing phaser!! excellent flange! cv controlled, dual outs.

150 sample hold / ring modulator / white-pink noise generator / super LFO with huge range and retriggerable from 191-J gate in automatically.

112 Dual VCF two identical filters 3 ins each 3 mod ins each, dual outs

121 Dual oscillator hard/soft sync pwm manual/cv dual outs, 3 mod ins each

140 Dual ADSR invertable envelopes. manual, hard wired, or ext. triggerable and another of the super LFO

191-J cv/gate/trigger ins that are pre routed to many of the modules’ mod ins and functions. all can be substituted with patching but they are ultra convenient. power and rack.

This is a great expansion system or almost complete standalone. My favorite modules! :)” Click here to search for synths on eBay