Roland System 100m

“SELLING: Hello and welcome to my Roland System 100m For sale – a reluctant sale, my beloved Iconic Roland System 100M in original 191-J rack case. .


Its in fully working order. Stored in a professional studio away from smoke and pets. .

Modules featured on this modular system are: .

* 112 – Dual VCO, with 3 CV ins, 2 outs, and weak/strong sync

* 121 – Dual VCF , with low-pass and high-pass filters with 24 dB/octave slope

* 130 – Dual VCA with a linear/exponential switch

* 140 – Dual envelope (ADSR, invertible & manual gate button) and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10)

150 – Ring Mod, Noise (pink and white), S&H (with lag), and LFO (5 waveforms with switchable range: x1, x1/10) .

The unit has small cosmetic wear from being used over the years (see pictures) but still works perfectly. The top of the rack case has a slight bend which is common for the 191-J cases. this 100M is in good condition compared to some of the units available over the years on Ebay This is a beautiful synth.. and whoever buys it will be a lucky person.. . ”
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