Roland System 100 Model 101 Keyboard

system 100 “Up for sale is my Roland System 100 Keyboard. Its in amazing shape, just had it professionally serviced at the Analog Lab in Long Island City. All knobs, sliders and keys were checked, cleaned and the synth has had a full calibration and cleanup done. There are no double triggering keys or noisy pots on this one! The unit itself is in great cosmetic condition as well, built like a tank, these were truly made to last. If you’re reading this far you probably don’t need a formal introduction to this bass monster. This synth IS what people would be referring to as the “Roland Sound” when talking analog synths, it has a pure rich quality and is often compared to something like the TB303. The rare diode ladder filter and oscillator combo are what gives it a unique analog punch and warmth. The patch points on the front panel and the CV IN/OUT make it a great keyboard to interface with Eurorack systems.” Link