Roland System 100 Model 101 and Model 102

” The classic, there’s nothing like it. I know, that’s a tired phrase but if you haven’t heard the thundering bass and filters on these, you have to. There’s something about gear from this era, they definitely got the low end right.

Having both the 101 and 102 is phenomenal – 2nd FAT oscillator, another phenomenal filter set (HP and LP), snappy envelope and VCA, PLUS … Ring Mod, Sample and Hold, both weak and strong oscillator sync that sounds insane, and more!

You’ll find some System 100 101’s online, without the 102, and they’ve usually got serious problems. To find both, in great working condition? Rare. This is a special opportunity as both of these units are in very, very good condition.

Many used 101/102’s are missing sliders, slider caps, pot caps or switches are broken. The sliders and pots are noisy and deteriorated. Very often the 101 keyboards have keys that are dead, no action, or the key bed contacts are intermittent or non-functioning, etc.. Not here, all working and solid.

To make sure before selling, I had both recently completely inspected and serviced, including calibrated, fully recapped, and had all pots, sliders checked, by Three Waves Music in NJ. I have the receipts ($800+) and you can call them to confirm and ask any questions. If you’re serious, I can send you the full receipts for your review, and if you purchase, I will email you the receipts for your records, but for privacy I prefer not to post them online here.” Click here to visit listing on eBay