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Roland SH-3a

“Classic vintage Roland SH3A synthesizer. Although it may seem limited by looking at it, it really can cover a wild assortment of tones. From massive bass or creamy leads, crazy effects and textures.. Add a little reverb and its outstanding! I have had the SH5, SH7 and .. To me, This SH3a is the best as it offers the sound of the big boys at a WAY lower price than buying the others. The filter and engine are very much the same family as those. PLUS its super portable. It all works and sounds amazing.. the only things to note are..

The ’32 slider works great but on occasion cuts out when its at max position.. no biggie, its really just a volume slider for the 32 octave wave.. plenty of volume there even when not maxed. And.. a few keys can on occasion re-trigger when played.. does not happen often but just stating for full disclosure. Both of these things would go away with a good internal cleaning, but ive never felt the need to do it as i used it just fine as is.” Click here to visit listing on eBay