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Roland SH-2000 Project Machine

“I am not sure if this is working or not as I don’t have the equipment to test it properly. I’ve tried plugging the output into an amp but all I can hear is a “whooshing” sound through the speakers when I press the keys. As I can’t be certain of the condition, I will be selling it as spares or repair but hopefully if you know a bit more about this I might just be missing something obvious!

Generally in good condition for something of this age. There is a small amount of rush/corrosion forming underneath the painted metal on the left side of the keyboard (see pictures).

Orignal box supplied but one corner on the underside has fallen apart and will be fixed for postage but the box is not immaculate by any means. The box only was stored in a garage. The keyboard was stored in the house.” Click here to visit listing on eBay