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Roland SH-2000

“I tested the synthesizer to the best of my ability. All keys work. I was able to get the touch affect controls, the filter controls, and the portamento controls to work. The switches for the different instruments also worked. The trumpet and the flute switch are completely broken off and the vibraphone is partially broken off. I was able to get the trumpet and the flute to still work but I had to use a flat head screwdriver to flip the switch down. Synthesizer has cosmetic issues, wood veneer is peeling in a few spots the top leather like portion has some scratches, one rubber foot is missing but is easily stabilized. The red light about the power button does not come on. But the red light on the modulation rate switch does. There are some faint rust spots on the front black portion where the instruments are labeled.I am also including a plug with a left right RCA cable adapter. Not pictured.”
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