# Roland SH-2

Roland, SH-2 @ 26 April 2015

roland sh2“I used this in the 1990s for a few home recordings, but not really much since then.
I’ve just cranked her up and she’s working perfectly… I’m tempted to keep her because the sounds are so evocative and emotional, however, I no longer have a home studio and can’t justify holding onto her any longer.
I hope someone else will have as much fun with her as I did!

Please be aware, there are:
1. Some scratches on the black metal rear chassis (see photo),
2. Some wear to the print on the top (also as shown in the photos),
3. Some of the sliders are a little bit bent, but not much
None of these detract from the functionality of the synth. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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