Roland SH-101 with Roland MGS-1 Modgrip

“Roland SH-101 w/modulation grip, and original AC adapter. Comes with hardware to attached grip (2 special screws), and an extra knob. I am not an electronics expert, so am going to describe this as best as possible. I am happy to answer any questions. Synthesizer is clean and the only damage are some scratches on the back as seen in the photos. I don’t see any cracks or damage to the case or keys. I have plugged into the headphone jack and it produces sound and knobs and toggles all seem to work. (Again, I am not an expert on what this should sound like, but seems fine to me.) It has batteries, which it works fine off of; also works with the power cord. I have not tested any other inputs or outputs. The only issue I can see is that when pushing the power button on a couple of occasions I had to push it a couple times before it would engage.”
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