Roland SH-101 Project Machine

Tested, everything works flawlessly except for a few issues -The VCO, VCF, Arpeggiator / Sequencer, LFO, Noise, bender, etc. are all great. There is a tiny bit of scratchiness in the Resonance slider for the filter but that’s it.

The envelope section does not seem to work, the sliders most likely need to be replaced. The 101 will still make sound when switched to ‘Gate’ in the VCA section, but this bypasses the envelope. I cleaned the internals thoroughly, and there was no cosmetic sign of damage to the envelope section, so this is why I suspect the sliders.

Someone before me must have tried to clean the face of this with some kind of solvent or something – All of the screen printed labels are missing without a trace. Refer to pics.

Also, someone previously tried to change the CV/Gate output and input jacks from 1/8″ to 1/4.” They didn’t finish, as the CV input jack is missing. The gate input jack does work. The CV/Gate outputs do not seem to work correctly (tested with other gear that I know could interface, etc.)

Seems like they also tried to start some kind of modification, with another jack next to a switch installed to the left of the other jacks. They are not connected to anything internally, I don’t know what their intention was.

The main audio out, headphone out, Hold input, and External Clock (for Sequencer, Arpeggiator & Sample and Hold Clock) inputs all work perfectly.

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