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Roland SH-1000

“Roland SH-1000 vintage synth, Roland’s first synthesizer, and supposedly the first keyboard synthesizer made in Japan. In good shape, missing one knob, has one knob missing the silver top, wood has wear, and there are some scratches (see pictures), but has all the selector tabs, and everything works as it should. Does take about 20 seconds to warm up when switched on before it produces sound, I’ve been told that’s typical, but wanted to make that clear. Can be operated as a preset synthesizer with the 10 preset tabs, or you can create your own sounds using the waveform selection tabs and assorted modifiers. Has vibrato and tremolo with a choice of two waveforms, white and pink noise, random note generator, portamento, note glide, filter controls, ADSR, and an octave selector switch. Sounds very good, can create some great sounds due to the ability to select multiple waveforms/octaves at the same time.” Click here to search for synths on eBay