Roland SH-1000

“ALL of the keys (Black & White) Trigger properly producing ALL of the sounds associated with the keyboard (Both preset and Waveform created). Some of the Sliders are a little hard to slide in particular the sliders for the Cut-Off Filter & Resonance which don’t seem to produce much change. Also, some of the POTS are a little scratchy and one or two of the Tab Switches may be a little loose and need some tightening. Other than that the keyboard seems to be in relatively GOOD Condition But, Still given its age (stated above) I must sell this AS IS due to the fact that electronic parts in a Vintage Keyboard like this tend to just ‘go’ pretty suddenly and without any warning.

As you can see my penchant for all things black led me to paint all of the white keys black rendering the keyboard extremely Striking and Unique! ”
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