Roland SH-1000

“Up for sale is a Roland SH-1000 Used Synthesizer Keyboard, For Parts Or Repair, you get exactly what’s in pictures, for parts or repair, AS-IS. This was bought at a storage unit sale and sorry I know very little about vintage Synthesizer Keyboards therefore I am selling as seen in pictures and as I bought it. Here’s what I do know; I plugged a cord into the outlet on the synthesizer and plugged the other end into a receiver’s mic access. I turned it on and got it to play all the individual instruments on the far right side, and all seem to function as they should. Some played extra notes, but I think they’re supposed to do that, but not sure. There are 3 keys that are missing / broken, 2 far left and 1 in the middle all still can be turned on and off.
That was all that I tested,
other than that, all switches, knobs, etc, turn smoothly, as they should.” Click here to search for synths on eBay