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Roland SH-09

“Roland sh 09 Vintage Analog Synth – Needs servicing on 2 faders – Sh-09 Synthesizer monophonic

Sounds great, especially for bass, but there are a couple of issues.

1) As far as I can tell, the Resonance fader needs a clean as it doesn’t appear to be making proper contact as it’s sounding crackly/scratchy. By clean I mean, desoldered from the board, taken apart and cleaned/lubricated using the right products.

I don’t feel confident or have the expertise to desolder and clean the resonance fader to this degree. I have sprayed a little Servisol super 10 in the fader and tried to clean with cotton buds and it has improved the sound but not enough where it has resolved the problem.

2) VCF fader on the bender not working.

After using some Servisol here too, I noticed that it some contact started to occur but it has then gone. I think the same treatment as above would be needed to resolve the issue.

3) 3 fader caps are missing. You can find replacements on eBay.

4) Power plug with a chip in it (refer to photo). Never had any concerns about this

Apart from the above, everything is working fine. I’m really unsure as to how the resonance fader has got to that state as I have taken care of this synth. Perhaps the fact that is 40 years old, there’s bound to be some wear and tear eventually.

I’m sure that if this is in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, it would be a simple fix but might take some time.”
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