# Roland SBX-80

Roland, SBX-80 @ 03 June 2012

“Somewhat of a 80’s studio classic the SBX 80 can pretty much sync to anything you throw at it. It is most commonly used as a converter for MIDI clock to DIN Sync and it looks like a TR909 which is pretty cool too! However, if you think outside of the box there are many novel ways to use this even in a daw based setup.

The unit is missing a tempo knob which the original owner must of removed to avoid accidental bump. In addition the units on/off switch is connected but this has never had any effect in it functioning properly. Cosmetically, this SBX 80 has a few scratches but nothing too gross, it’s still beauty to look at.

The unit is set to 240v and I replaced the two prong ICE C8 power receptacle to accept the now more common three prong ICE C9 plug. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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