# Roland RS-505

Roland, RS-505 @ 17 November 2013

“For sale is a rare/vintage great sounding Roland RS505 Paraphonic String Synthesizer. I am the original owner/bought this brand new many years ago. It has had no use/been stored in a closet for about the last 25 years or so. I hooked up both audio outputs and went through every switch and slider and it sounds/works great. The keyboard itself has no broken, cracked, or bent keys and every key makes contact without any noise/static. There’s only one slider(the synth/string balance slider) that I noticed some static on when it was moved, especially towards the upper range of the slider. I could hear no other static in any of the sliders/switches. I would guess a simple cleaning with the proper cleaner should fix up the issue though I make no claims on this as I’m not a tech.

Physically I would consider it to be in decent condition, especially given its age. No cracked keys or buttons, all the slider caps are in place, etc. The bottom of the keyboard has the most scratches. Note the bottom is made out of wood. I took many pictures/different angles/parts of this keyboard for you to judge the condition for yourself.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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