Roland MSQ-700

msq700“Roland’s MSQ-700 was the first MIDI-compatible sequencer in the world.

The MSQ-700 is an 8-track sequencer that holds up to 6,500 notes that can be stored. Several functions of the MSQ-700 include a chain function, multi-track function, overdubbing and a merge function. Use it to control your TR-909, or Juno-60 or any other MIDI equipment. The MSQ-700 is compatible with both MIDI and Roland’s proprietary DCB sync methods (although it can’t do both at the same time). It remains a popular and fun retro sequencer for Juno 60 and Jupiter 8 owners.

I bought this used a long time ago to sequence my Juno 60, and never took it out of climate-controlled storage. Mine is clean and not yellowed or smelling of smoke or mildew. There are a couple of tiny paint dings on the front panel; my photograph is honest and accurate. As far as I can tell, this unit is operational. It initializes without error messages, and the buttons and switches are all functional. I have NOT set it up with MIDI instruments to test, so you are buying it AS IS.

Power cord is included, but the DCB cable is not. This cable is still available online. Serial number is 401778.

There is a ton of information on the MSQ-700 online; I recommend you read up a little if you’re unfamiliar with its uses and functions, capabilities and limitations. I’ve included three pages from the factory brochure, which I do not own and which is NOT part of this auction.” Click here to visit listing on eBay