Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter with Roland MPG-80 Programmer

“This MKS-80 is one of the sought-after ‘Rev 4’ series (serial numbers up to and including 511799 – this unit is serial number 481121). The Rev 4 series are worth considerably more than other versions. The general consensus is that Rev 4 series MKS-80s produce a warmer, richer and fatter sound. Technically-speaking, this is because it has the CEM oscillators (3340) and VCAs (3360), and the older Roland filter chip (IR3109), which is found in the Jupiter 8 and Juno 60.

Sonically, this is in perfect condition. There are a few cosmetic scuffs here and there that are visible in the photos, nothing unusual for a synth of this age. It’s been well-cared for in a non smoking, and dust free studio rarely used.

An additional 128 patches and tones can be stored on included MC-64 RAM cartridge

The sale includes the MPG-80 programmer, the cable to connect the programmer to the MKS-80, and the 2-prong power cable. 120V.” Click here to search for synths on eBay