Roland MKS-80

“Tested recently before listing, there is the usual very small amount of noise heard on the volume slider only when being adjusted –
to give full disclosure – and something that can be expected from gear this age, but nothing at all that would hinder it’s use as it’s an
extremely warm and powerful synth. The display is fully functional however the backlight has dimmed out. This is the Rev 5 version
with the custom Roland VCO’s, designed to produce a highly desirable tighter bass sound that’s preferred in the studio. I don’t think
a synthesizer of this magnitude has been produced since, and being what I consider to be the best piece of gear I’ve owned – I’ve
taken a lot of pride in it’s ownership. Exclusively housed and used in a power conditioned and climate controlled environment. It’s
sound can be heard used by many famous artists. No dead voices or any voice problems that I’ve noticed, this is no doubt a rare gem.”
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