# Roland MC-202

MC-202, Roland @ 06 January 2019

“One of a kind Roland MC-202 that I have had in my possession for about the past 10 years. Kept in a smoke free environment. Stored in flight case when not in use. Recently cleaned all sliders and replaced any broken or bent plastic sliders and knobs. Slight yellowing of soft keys but this is normal due to age. Overall great condition with no known issues.

This unit has a very rare MIDIJACK midi mod which allows to be played direct from a midi source just like a keyboard making it perfect for live performances or jamming in the studio. The input jack is located on the right side. Other MC-202s when used with a midi converter or external source will have a brief delay meaning you are unable to keep it in sync. The mod allows you to choose the mc202 to be controlled by external midi data by pressing a button on the front or internal sequencer. More instructions on using the midijack are available online. Internal sequencer is still fully functional with this mod.

Additionally, it has a modded LFO. The switch allows you to switch between standard LFO speed and what I believe to be is at least 2 times normal LFO speed for very fast oscillation. Again, this mod is very rare and I have not seen any others like it.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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