# Roland MC-202

MC-202, Roland @ 20 May 2018

“I’m selling my Roland MC-202. If you’re looking at this you probably already know what it is, but it’s basically a cross between an SH-101 and a TB-303. It sounds basically identical to an SH-101, but in lieu of a proper keyboard has a unique phrase sequencer capable of doing TB-303-esque ties/slides. In other words, it’s a great synth for classic acid sounds.

One annoying thing about the MC-202 is that normally the way it handles external CV/Gate input is that it routes them through it’s internal processor and the end result is not pretty (do some Google/YouTube searches to see what I mean). Luckily, this unit has been modified so CV/Gate behaves the way you’d expect it to. Most other MC-202s you will see on the market will not have this mod and many unknowing buyers are sorely disappointed when they realize they have to pay for Kenton or someone else to do the mod for them.

In addition to the CV/Gate mod, this unit has been fitted with a new output jack.

Some minor issues to report:
– The potentiometer (knob) for tempo control is a little wobbly/bent/sticky compared to the others but works completely fine as long as you’re patient with it.
– The headphone jack was replaced the same time as the output jack, and looks nice and new. However, for some reason unknown to me it only plays out of the left headphone. Probably an easy fix, but I literally never use headphones with it so never bothered to look into it.
– Not necessarily an issue, as this was also the case with my SH-101, but the plastic caps on the sliders tend to come off easily if you turn the unit upside down or transport it. They easily go back on, and all the sliders work fine. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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