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Roland JX-8P

“Roland JX-8P – Vintage Analog Polysynth with Aftertouch, MIDI, and Intuitive Interface

Step into the lush morphing polyphony of the Roland JX-8P! This board represents a step up from the previous iteration, the JX-3P. This board is best described as a Juno on steroids. With dual oscillators per voice as opposed to the Juno’s single oscillator, this synth can achieve levels of stacking that is second to none, for the era. During the dawn of digital synthesis, the JX-8P pushed back by taking analog to the cutting edge.

Featuring membrane buttons as opposed to a vast quantity of easily fouled and damaged sliders, the JX-8P retains an element of durability and roadworthiness that is second to none. Without the liability of pots, faders, switches, you’re more free to explore and meander on your musical journey, and trust that your gear will perform night after night, gig after gig. It is used by Tangerine Dream, Depeche Mode, The Cure, 808 State, Go West, Future Sound of London, and Europe, so it’s sure to perform well in creative and professional capacities, alike.

This board has been meticulously cleaned including all jacks, connectors, and faders. It’s been rigorously tested and will arrive ready to use on stage or in your studio. With exceptional MIDI implementation, it will slot right into your existing rig with ease.The Roland JX-8P is not just a synthesizer; it’s your conduit to every sonic excellence; perfect complement to to your creative performances. Will it be part of your next hit?” Click here to visit listing on eBay