Roland JX-3P

“In overall very good cosmetic condition. Aside from a small paint chip next to the Memory buttons on the front, this synth is in NICE shape. Keys are white and not yellowed, with no cracks or chips. Minor scratches abound, but not many. ALL original buttons, knobs, sliders, jacks etc. are present and working. Power cable is firmly attached and original (and in nice shape).

As far as functionality goes, everything works 100%. All keys play as they should, and all editing parameters work too. Tuning, MIDI, programmer integration all work. The only thing I would mention is that the synth makes a slight humming noise when it is on- this humming noise is not through the output which is noiseless; it is coming from the unit itself. This does not affect functionality. Also of note, this unit was made for the US market, so it has 117V- you will not need a a voltage converter!” Click here to visit listing on eBay