Roland Jupiter 8

“This is a Jupiter-8. You know what it is, you know what it sounds like.

I’ve owned this particular JP-8 since the early 90’s. It had been dropped some time in its life prior to me buying it. It is a very early serial number (May 1981, 210th JP-8 ever made). Over the years, I’ve owned 5 or 6 other JP-8s and every time I compared them, I always kept this one. There’s just something special about the way this one sounds.

Over the years, I’ve added the Encore MIDI kit and have recapped the power supply and output board and installed new regulators in the power supply. There have been other minor repairs over time, but nothing especially difficult or comprehensive.

Since this is a vintage synth, I would think any potential owner would like to have a set of hard to find parts, just in case, right? Why spend a lot of money on a vintage synth and then have to spend hundreds of dollars and lots of time tracking down very rare spares? I’ve done the work for you here.

You get the JP-8 plus original owner’s manual, Encore MIDI manual, fold out service manual, and a lot of spares. Among the parts are – replacement sliders, extra knobs and slider caps, extra potentiometers, a couple posistors, some rare metal cans, a dozen BA 662’s, an IR3109 IC, some new black keys, some new white keys (including a high C) and some used white keys, springs, some new tact switches, and some original switch caps from a TR-808. Basically anything your tech would need other than stock IC and resistors/caps.

The JP-8 has been tested and I recently did a quick tune of the oscillators and is 100% working. Shipping it, or any extended car ride will likely get it slightly out of tune/calibration, but getting it back in tune is something that you or a tech could do in less than an hour since the autotune gets it the rest of the way once you’re close.” Click here to search for synths on eBay