# Roland Jupiter 6

Jupiter 6, Roland @ 28 April 2019

“This will ship with insurance of the full price, and require signature. All included in the free shipping within the US.

Jupiter 6 with Europa mod comes with hard case, and power cord (might be original since it fits perfectly, unlike other 3rd party power cords)

I’m not the original owner. Bought this off of eBay back in April of 2006. Kept in a smoke-free and temperature controlled home studio.

Never played shows with it. Decided to let this go to make room for some new things. Front panel and all the graphics are pretty much

flawless for a synth this old. All buttons, sliders, knobs, keys, switches, pitch bender, MIDI, audio outputs, pedal inputs, and lights work

as they should. Haven’t checked the arpeggio clock in, and the tape load / save ports. No point since this has the Europa mod.

The tape load / save feature can be kinda sensitive if imported / exported at the wrong volume. Has all 4 rubber feet on the bottom.

Functional problem:

The 5th voice on VCO 2 is bad. Some patches it’s completely dead and other patches it sounds a little off from the other voice chips.

It was completely dead before so I replaced the amp, and voice chips.” Click here to visit listing on eBay

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