Roland Jupiter 4

jp4 ” Cosmetically in great shape and electronically in future proofed condition. A complete professional overhaul was done this year at Waveformless which included a complete recap of every voice card, power supply, and programmer board, a tuning and calibration. Every key was cleaned and all sliders and knobs have been fully lubricated and throughly cleaned.

The FULL MIDI I/O kit was installed which includes both the expanded memory section as well as all the page 2 functions. The I/O MIDI kit comes in two options and some owners choose to install only one component, this Jupiter 4 has the complete full kit. This allows for total control over MIDI for all the sliders on the JP4. Not only that but a MIDI output is also installed, which means you can actually record slider movements and keyboard playing straight from the Jupiter 4 into your favorite sequencer. The I/O MIDI Kit for the JP4 is the most comprehensive MIDI solution. Not only that, but it uses a faster CPU so MIDI triggering is absolutely lightning fast. If you want to synchronize the arpeggiator to MIDI there are many options for dividing down the MIDI clock, but it will work just as the original did over the trigger input as well.”
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