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Roland Juno 60

” This was once one of my go-to-synths, but I have since gone fully digital and I haven’t touched it in years. The synth is in great cosmetic and working condition. Some minor wear on the wood panels that I want to make sure is mentioned and I have documented in pictures.

Fully tested just now and the unit sounds incredible. Two things that I have noticed that you need to be aware of before bidding:

-I noticed a slight crackle when turning the volume knob, which I was able to get rid of by spraying some DeoxIT D5 contact spray. That said, this could potentially return and can be easily addressed as mentioned.

-One key (A#) shows a slightly delayed reaction when pressed at times. This is likely also a dusty or dirty contact as the key feels fine. This too can easily be addressed but it likely requires opening the unit up, which I have not done as I have very little to no technical background or talent. Alternatively, you can easily circumvent this by changing the octave. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this problem does not occur when the synth is being triggered via MIDI.

Other than these two things, that I want to be very transparent about:

-all sliders are present and work
-pitch bend and modulation section works
-chorus section works
-presets work
-all voice chips (6) work
-all keys work

Comes with a Kenton Pro-DCB MIDI to DCB convertor that allows you to trigger this synth from your DAW… very cool in combination with this pre-MIDI synth! Includes all needed cables and convertor manual. I am also including two high quality audio cables. And it comes with an original Roland patch shift pedal.

This synth looks and sounds fantastic but because of the two minor issues mentioned above and the minor wear on the wood panels I am not selling and pricing this as excellent or pristine, so this may be a rare opportunity to own a great Juno-60 for a reasonable price!” Click here to visit listing on eBay