Roland Juno-60

“Roland Juno-60 Keyboard Synthesizer – Excellent Condition w/ an Original Juno-60 Box, Original Owners Manual, Patch Program Data sheet, Factory Patch Cassette Tape!

Juno-60 is Fully Functional and sounds fantastic!


Roland Juno-60 (Excellent Condition)

An Original Juno-60 Box (This was acquired at a later time, and is not the original box the came with Juno-60) But very cool to have!

Original Owners Manual (Mint)

Original Patch Sheet A&B (Mint)

Factory Patch Cassette Tape

Issues that can be noticed: The power cord has black masking tape wrapped around cord on a small area from the previous owner. I have not removed the tape and not sure if the power cord is damaged or to maybe what extent, but no issues with power at all.

This Juno-60 is in Excellent Shape, The wooden side panels are not damaged and still look great but slightly worn. Face of unit is flawless and scratch free! Keys still great and springy, One key seems to have small cigarette burn from previous owner which is hardly noticeable,

The Juno-60 will be packed extremely well and shipped Fedex with shipping insurance. ” Click here to visit listing on eBay