Roland Juno 60

“This great sounding Juno-60 is in Fair/Good condition, with rich analog sound, intuitive hands-on controls, and classic sound! It plays well, with all functions working as intended. The only real defects are the plastic veneer on right side end-cap has peeled/chipped on the top, the underlying particle board has swelled slightly, and there is some chipping/wear on the veneer on the left end-cap. The keyboard action itself is good and the synth operates with great stability, a trait of the digitally controlled oscillators (DCOs). All keys, sliders, and buttons work correctly with no noise or glitching. Patch recall works perfectly as well. I’m not sure if it has any custom patches, but all stored patch sounds are great! This has been tested to the best of my abilities, but has not been professionally cleaned or tuned.

The original manual, patch notation sheets, patch cassette tape info sheet, Roland DP-2 pedal, and a new Moog Music EP-3 Expression pedal (w/cable) are all included. The unit will be shipped in a brand new Economy ATA case custom made for the Juno-60. Spare slider control caps from French restoration supply SoundTo are included as well.” Click here to visit listing on eBay