Roland Juno 6

“The Roland Juno-6 is a six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that was released in 1982. It is sonically identical to the Juno-60(one of the most important synthesizers in popular music), and features classic, sought-after sounds that defined a generation of synthesizer-based music in the 1980’s. The most significant difference between the Juno-6 adn the Juno-60 is the Juno-6’s lack of porgrammable patch memory. However, the Juno-6 is full of other enticing features, such as arpeggiation, stereo chorus, LFO modulation, and more. This unit is in very good condition, with some signs of age and use, including some scratches and other marks. The keyboard has been sitting unused for many yeras, but all keys and functions check out. Serial #365328.” Click here to search for synths on eBay