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Roland Juno 106 Project Machine

“Please Read Before Bidding!!!!

Up For Auction!
Juno 106
Programmable Polyphonic Synthesizer

This is working synth / for parts….please read

I’ve had this synth since 04′.
Lightly gigged, mostly studio based, never toured.
This Juno has some issues, and has been worked on. I’ll do my best to lay it all out here in the listing and show in pics . Was not able to upload a video of sound quality
Feel free to ask questions.

Comes with power supply, no case.
Turns ON! Works with issues.
patches and buttons work fine. Delay and Rate sometimes are shot (sometimes they work)

Main issue is internal. Might be voice chips? after a few minutes of play a note or two will get stuck ….then every 4th or 5th note is dead…you can still play but with an annoying stuck few notes. Has hiss / crackiling when volume is past three or four

I’ve had this board worked on three times. The problem seems to go away for a month or so…then returns.
I’ve had voice chips replaced twice. The Modulation wheel replaced once. A few slider caps were replaced over the years from falling off and getting lost into the abyss.

No cracks or breaks to the frame, but with cosmetic damage. scratches, light dings, dots along the JUNO logo on the top right of console. Those dots came with the board when i purchased it. light marks to the keys ( I used to put dry erase markers for memory )

All light and buttons work fine. and patches save fine. Again, Main problem is inside the board.

I’ve NEVER opened this up myself. No idea what the inside looks like or what I would even need to look for. Only tech/repair have opened up the unit.” Click here to visit listing on eBay