Roland Juno 106

106” I have repaired a faulty voice chip. I have replaced the internal battery. I have replaced a trim pot. I have reinstalled the factory presets. I have calibrated the device. I have replaced some missing knobs. I have cleaned scratchy pots. I have replaced a broken bender mount.

Even after a clean and lube the three sliders on the bender board are stiff and grumpy. The membrane buttons are fussy too. It can take a second push at times to get them to activate.

I have not been able to fix the pitch portion of the bender. The vibrato (LFO trigger) works well. The portamento is iffy.

Bottom line is: I’m just not in the mood to rebuild the bender board. If it is really that important to you, contact me and we will talk price.

This unit sounds wonderful. It really does.

There are scratches here and there, but it still looks sharp and presentable (unlike my ex husband).” Click here to visit listing on eBay